Defense Against Claims of Chemical Exposure

We Handle Occupational and Environmental Claims

At Pallo, Marks, Hernandez, Gechijian & DeMay, P.A., our attorneys have been recognized for our proficiency in the area of workers' compensation defense against environmental and occupational claims. Founding Attorney Keith R. Pallo has represented numerous individual and corporate clients throughout the State of Florida, defending "sick building," multiple chemical sensitivity, mold, and occupational exposure claims.

Small property owners, as well as businesses and large corporations, may find themselves facing workers' compensation and other liability claims based on having exposed workers and individuals to personal injury and health damage or wrongful death. Claims may involve emotional trauma, increased risk, or the contracting of diseases such as cancer, or other medical claims. Allegations may involve the disposal or release of a large number of various toxic chemicals or contaminants into the environment.

Chemical exposure claims may involve allegations concerning: Benzene, Arsenic, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Indoor Air Quality, Underground Storage Tanks, and Mold. Mold claims and disputes may also be brought against property owners or managers, contractors, landlords, and other interested parties.

Experienced Chemical and Toxic Exposure Lawyers

Our firm has extensive legal experience in handling such claims, disputes, and lawsuits. Whatever type of liability in a workers' compensation claim you may be facing, we will use all our resource abilities, including expert witnesses, as well as the extensive knowledge and skills of attorneys who have concentrated on insurance defense for decades. Because of our focus on this area for so many years, we have acquired an abundance of scientific and technical understanding in chemical exposure matters and are uniquely and highly qualified to advise clients and effectively resolve such legal problems. Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who will vigorously pursue the most favorable legal resolution, whether through mediation, arbitration, or aggressive courtroom litigation.


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