Car Accidents

Insurance Defense in Florida Auto Accident Claims

Auto accidents are a common basis for insurance claims and disputes in Florida. Thousands of car accidents occur annually with drivers, their passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists claiming negligence on the part of other individuals, product manufacturers, road design and maintenance parties. Claims of personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death may be made; in some cases, these claims may be overinflated, erroneous, or fraudulent. Prompt and detailed investigations into the surrounding circumstances of the accident, including police reports, witness testimony, medical reports, accident reconstruction evidence and testimony, and more may be needed to make an objective assessment of the causes and factors involved.

Pallo, Marks, Hernandez, Gechijian & DeMay, P.A. is an insurance defense firm that you can count on to fully and skillfully advocate for your best interests in any insurance claim stemming from such accidents. The firm has concentrated its practice on insurance defense since 1997 and has an abundance of legal experience and capable resources to apply to such cases. The firm defends insurance carriers and their insureds, self-insured groups, third-party administrators, government bodies, and municipalities across the state of Florida against any liability claims in car accidents. With seasoned trial lawyers who have extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, and civil litigation, your defense case will be in the hands of widely-respected legal professionals with proven results.

Car Accident Cases

Car accident insurance claims require extensive research to properly evaluate a claim's validity. Hiring a firm that has the resources and capability to properly assess this is crucial. Because of our concentration in the field of insurance defense, the firm has the ability to provide valuable advice as to the value of a case and the most efficient legal methods by which to resolve it. We understand the economic issues underlying any claim and the necessity to provide cost-effective legal action which will handle such claims effectively.


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