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At a time when the public's distrust of the legal profession is at an all time high, the lawyers of Pallo, Marks, Hernandez, Gechijian & DeMay, P.A. place great emphasis on communication, service, ethics, and professional courtesy. We seek to earn and maintain the respect of our clients, our colleagues, and the legal community. In that regard, we strive to provide each client with ethical, aggressive, yet cost-effective representation.

We recognize our continued success requires a firm investment in human and technical resources. Therefore, we commit to the investment of time, energy, and money as an integral part of our practice so that the quality of our organization can be continually improved. We remain committed to the continued education of our members through regular firm meetings in which trends in the law are identified and debated. In recognition of the ever changing nature of the law, our lawyers focus on devising new, innovative, and cost-effective legal strategies for claims handling, which are then shared with our clients through firm-sponsored continuing education seminars.

Our commitment to cost-effective representation in today's highly competitive legal environment is evident in our adherence to a well planned litigation strategy which is constantly updated so that our clients get the best legal representation for their dollar. The overall firm goal is to expeditiously close cases from positions of strength. Therefore, the firm is presently structured and staffed by "seasoned veterans" thereby bringing to bear the greatest concentration of experience to all matters assigned.

The success of our firm depends entirely upon living up to these standards day in and day out. Accordingly, we strive to combine the values of a still honorable profession with modern business sense providing each client with intangible benefits far beyond those provided by other law firms.


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